Nokia HMD

A newcomer to the space and an old favourite at the same time, HMD needed a robust way to show just how far the Nokia name has come.

Demonstrating the new, and celebrating the historic

In 2018, HMD Nokia presented us with the task of creating an engaging in-store retail experience for a raft of new Nokia devices in 25 global markets. The goal was simple, but the ask was huge: HMD wanted shoppers who walked into their nearest store thinking about Apple and Samsung, to walk out with a new Nokia.

As a brand, Nokia posed a fantastic challenge: it’s relatively new to the smartphone space, but is also a name with a storied heritage to draw upon. As a result, our concepts needed to cover off some classic touches – like an update to the age-old Snake mobile game – while also showcasing Nokia’s clear transformation into a trusted smartphone provider.

To do that, and to bring the smart features of a whole range of phones to life, we created a series of one minute video loops for each model that demonstrated their capabilities, built to play on every Nokia handset in-store. This was a true team effort – employing our collective talents in everything from creative storyboarding through to 3D CGI rendering – resulting in a retail demo experience fit for global use.

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