A match made in heaven: we’ve helped Plume set the new standard for connected homes around the world.

Changing the way people think about home WiFi

Plume is a home WiFi product setting itself apart from other systems on the market as the only cloud-based, adaptive online offering. Designed and built by true internet pioneers, Plume has been fusing beautiful hardware with category-creating software since 2016, when we helped it launch out of stealth and into the public eye.

Pre-launch, we unveiled Plume in an exclusive story in The Wall Street Journal. Then, as momentum built during the pre-order stage, we garnered over 50 pieces of tier-one coverage. Working closely with reporters and customers alike, our mission was to manage product availability expectations, helping to secure more than hundred pieces of additional coverage in the process.

Since then, we’ve run all of Plume’s PR and social media efforts, helping the company take North America by storm while expanding throughout Europe. And, as Plume has evolved from a home product to an integrated offering with internet service providers, our campaigns have evolved too. We’ve supported them at high-profile events around the world, launched new products and services, and tied everything together with thoughtful digital content.

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