Due to external factors, PropertyGuru was at risk of cannibalising attention towards two back-to-back announcements.

Over 50 stories in regional and local business titles

100% hit rate on target media

Driving consecutive waves of coverage in a limited media landscape

Due to mandatory social distancing measures, PropertyGuru brought forward its launch of FastKey StoryTeller, a new digital tool enabling 360-degree walkthroughs of a property to support buying and selling activity for its agents. However, this meant it would take place in the same week as the company’s first-ever release of its financial results, putting both announcements at risk of competing against each other for coverage.

Archetype developed a strategic media plan to ensure each announcement received its deserved attention. In addition to the company’s forecast-beating performance, we placed the focus on what PropertyGuru was doing to inject further support into the property ecosystem with a brief mention of FastKey.

Exclusive interviews with Bloomberg’s broadcast and digital outlets ensured widespread coverage through original and syndicated reporting of PropertyGuru’s performance results, creating a strong first wave of publicity for the company.

While the business updates were reported, Archetype was seeding stories with selected publications in preparation for the announcement of FastKey, with in-depth demonstrations of the technology to help journalists understand the benefits of the new game-changing solution.

This ensured a strong second wave of coverage in the media and contributed to two consecutive weeks of stories about PropertyGuru’s leadership in the property market and technological innovation in reputable media outlets like Singapore’s national dailies and broadcast channels, Bloomberg’s TV and online portals, Mashable SEA, Computer Weekly and ZDNet Asia, among others.

Over 50 stories in regional and local business titles

100% hit rate on target media

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