What do you do when your business outgrows your original brand? Redefine its purpose, and reboot its personality.

Building a brand for the future

A series of acquisitions made Syncsort a ‘big data’ business to be reckoned with, but left it with a disjointed selection of products. We were tasked with refreshing the brand, bringing together all its more disparate facets, and creating a strong foundation on which to build in the future. To do that, we worked to find the essence of Syncsort’s business and redefine its place in the world.

Building out a personality that could tie its many products together, Syncsort’s new narrative would explain what the brand stands for, how it differs from the competition, and why that matters – all in a way that was meaningful to both customers and employees.

We brought all of Syncsort’s various products into four gateway brands, engineering its offerings into a logical structure and creating a new look, sound and feel for everything, from a new logo and colour scheme, to entirely rewritten brand voice guidelines. Lastly, we worked closely with Syncsort to build a completely redesigned website – one that would enable them to stand apart from competitors and communicate all aspects of the brand’s newfound focus.

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