We put the brightest minds in front of the biggest outlets to build Slack’s reputation as the future of collaboration.

Positioning Slack as the future of business comms

As the fastest growing business application in history – with over 10 million daily active users – Slack is a rocketship startup showing no sign of slowing down. But, as it seeks to widen its reach among enterprise businesses, Slack needs to demonstrate that its rapid success amounts to much more than just a flash in the pan. As such, they set us the brief of helping cement the company as a true thought leader in the “Future of Work” conversation.

Ahead of Slack’s inaugural developer conference, we organised a forward-thinking roundtable to discuss the future of workplace collaboration and people-centric products – bringing together top-tier enterprise software partners for a discussion moderated by Slack’s Chief Product Officer.

Twelve reporters, including writers for The New York Times, Reuters and The Verge attended the discussion, which was timed to pair with upcoming product news. When our embargo lifted, Slack owned a 73% share-of voice over its two major competitors.

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