We partnered with Schneider Electric incubation hub to develop a brand identity for renewable energy business Clipsal Solar and launch it digitally into the Australian market.

Archetype’s aim was to help Clipsal Solar be energy partners with homeowners for life (by partnering with them from their first solar install right through to potentially purchasing their very first electric vehicle).

Homeowners have a deep mistrust of energy providers and solar installers because of the confusing technical jargon, sky-high bills (South Australians have some of the most expensive energy bills in the world) and dodgy installs that don’t live up to the hype (52% of existing installations don’t work properly).

We found that homeowners were being held back from achieving their energy potential and savings; and yet were willing to take a punt and even pay more if they knew a product was going to work.  So, how could we persuade Australians to believe in a new, untested brand when trust was at an all-time low?

Leveraging the 100+ year heritage of trusted Australian brand Clipsal (also in the Schneider Electric family), we created Clipsal Solar. Our ‘Power Your Tomorrow’ positioning was born with the mission to help Clipsal Solar transition Australian homes to sustainable energy by empowering homeowners make better energy choices. Our manifestation of the brand’s visual identity was bold, innovative and practical, with a premium yet relatable look and feel.

To take Clipsal Solar to market we developed a multi-channel digital approach to answer people’s concerns on trust, eliminating confusion by talking simply and showing them how they could save to drive awareness, consideration and conversion. The strategy focused on the brand’s main USPs of trusted expertise and independent advice; coupled with data that could be easily interpreted and acted upon to save more by optimising a home’s solar consumption.

These points allowed us to elevate our messaging above the competition, talk beyond bill shock and price wars and focus on helping everyday Australians  take back control of their power consumption and money.

“Certificate of Excellence in Branding and Identity at the IN2 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific 2020”