The Jr.NBA promotes teamwork and community throughout Asia, boosted by an engaging drumbeat of always-on content that speaks to players and fans alike.

Shooting social buckets in Asia

Basketball has always provided great mechanisms for teaching and learning. Beyond health and fitness, it encourages teamwork, respect and determination, as well as building a strong sense of community. It’s these core values that the Jr.NBA wanted to bring to young players in Asia, which is why they tasked us with boosting brand awareness and driving engagement around APAC and Greater China.

Our solution is an always-on social media campaign across Instagram, YouTube and the Jr.NBA Asia website – creating highlight videos at each Jr.NBA National Training Camp that showcase amazing feats of skill, build fanbases, and highlight the caliber of local coaching on offer.

Since launching the campaign, the Jr.NBA has continued to see an increase in Instagram engagement alongside an ongoing boost to its website traffic. Likewise, as awareness grows, participation in National Training Camps is on the rise. Across channels, our always-on approach is creating a new, switched-on audience for basketball in Asia that follows the sport and its values in tandem.

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