Showcasing the people – and the endless innovation – behind the most forward-thinking navigation app on the market is all about finding the stories behind the tech.

Highlighting the people behind tomorrow’s mapping technology

Primarily known as a navigation app, we knew Waze had a much broader and deeper story to tell about its mission to improve mobility, eliminate gridlock, and facilitate safer, smarter communities.

This includes shining a light on Waze’s heroic team of over 15,000 volunteer map editors across the US, who work tirelessly to make updates in real-time. We also tapped into Waze’s Connected Citizens Program, which works alongside – and shares data with – more than 450 city, state and country government partners, nonprofits and first responders. Most recently, we helped Waze launch a dedicated Carpool app to reduce the number of cars on the road in the US – spurring a movement to encourage carpooling to and from work on a local level.

Within just six months, we’ve led what Waze has called its “most successful launch in company history,” garnering a total of over 300 unique pieces of tech and business coverage across Bloomberg, CNN, NPR, TechCrunch and USA Today – to name but a few.

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