Internships with impact: Nurturing the next generation of PR talent

Archetype UK strives to make a positive impact for people and planet, and over the last couple of years we have been developing our relationship with a number of people-focused charities. We feel passionate about accelerating, inspiring and unlocking the next generation of talent, and have created a new internship programme to offer knowledge, practical skills, personal development, constructive feedback and industry insights.

As part of our affiliation with the Taylor Bennett Foundation, we were delighted to welcome Comfort Jegede for a four-day internship in April; here’s how she found it and what she’ll take from it, in her own words.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Comfort

My name is Comfort Jegede, and I recently completed a work experience internship at Archetype UK. I studied Media and Communications at Kingston University in London and have worked for several years in broadcast media in Nigeria.

How did you find out about Archetype and how did your internship with us come about?

In 2023, I joined the Taylor Bennett PR Mentoring Programme. It’s a six-month programme that gives people already working in public relations the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. The programme also pairs applicants with an experienced mentor in the field. I was fortunate to be paired with Jenny Tod, Managing Director at Archetype UK, who in addition to mentoring me, offered me a four-day work experience internship, spread across a month, providing me the chance to gain practical, hands-on experience in PR.

Can you describe the internship and what your day-to-day looked like?

The internship was designed to help me understand what working in communications was really about. I was introduced to different members of the content, digital and comms teams within Archetype and had the opportunity to speak to someone from each team about their department and their role. These conversations helped me understand communications much more clearly and how I might fit in. It was quite special to me as I felt seen by everyone I spoke to and everyone who helped me along the way, which was also reflected in my workload.

I had a clear agenda set out by the team each day, with new activities and tasks. My day typically started with independent study where I dived into newspapers like The Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Times. The purpose here was to help me understand more about how different media titles report certain stories, as well as to discuss the articles and companies behind them that sparked my interest.

What kind of training did you receive from Archetype?

I also received training on how to use tools like Roxhill Media for creating media lists, and Signal AI for media monitoring. I was able to use these tools to support the team across different accounts, which contributed greatly to my training in the communications discipline.

Each week I was assigned a new task, following specific training, such as writing a press release, identifying media targets for a client or writing a tailored media pitch. I was also invited to sit in on internal meetings and contribute ideas. During lunch, I was paired with at least one colleague to share thoughts and ideas. This helped me become more comfortable in a new environment, and offered the opportunity to ask more questions about working in the industry.

What stood out to you the most during your time at Archetype?

Throughout my internship, I was assigned a senior member of the comms team, Sophie Barocas, as my buddy with whom I shared feedback about my day. She always made sure to learn about my day, how the tasks I’d completed made me feel and advised me on what to do the following week. I also enjoyed a series of one-on-one meetings with Ben Tagoe, Archetype UK’s People Director, focused on improving my interviewing technique.

What were the main things you learned and would you recommend working for Archetype to others in your position?

During my internship at Archetype UK, I acquired an essential skill set that included multitasking and time management. I learned to divide my time efficiently and accomplish tasks quickly in a fast-paced agency setting. My experience at the company has solidified my desire to work in public relations and in an agency setting. I had a great learning experience during the internship, and I will always remember the support and encouragement I received from everyone at Archetype UK. I would absolutely recommend taking this path to anyone else trying to progress in their career – it’s a safe and fulfilling way to acquire skills that might otherwise be really hard to come by.

Finally, do you feel that this internship has prepared you for the future you’re building for yourself?

Yes, definitely. I look forward to graduating and joining the workforce in September, and the clarity I gained from this internship has helped me narrow my job search. I now have a clear understanding of what I want to do, what I expect and what skills I have to offer. I’m excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead.