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Arm, a world-class technology company, is so well hidden among household names (Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft) that most people aren’t aware that its tech sits at the heart of myriad technology devices; largely due to Arm’s highly technical language that’s only accessible to a select few. This needed to change in order to elevate the brand and give it relevancy in higher level conversations, striking the right balance between achieving Arm’s deserved corporate brand SOV across the globe, while not alienating its core audiences of developers and engineers.

Developing the right relationships, with the right media, was a critical first step for the Archetype global team. Inserting Arm into the relevant higher-level conversations required an up-leveling of brand awareness across a broad spectrum of media sectors, including national business, technology, trade and semiconductor engineering. This started by developing a series of proactive thought-leadership-focused outreach plans, tied to the key business units. These reflected on macro trends impacting the industry, before delving into specific implications for the relevant sectors.

Using these outreach plans, two-way conversations with tier one media were instigated – providing stories and insights aligned with the current news agenda, while also understanding what each journalist was currently writing about so that relevant Arm stories could be inserted. This approach allowed strong relationships with key media to be built, which were then leveraged to drive attendance and engagement around the annual Arm DevSummit.