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Driving investor awareness for Healx and cementing the role of AI in healthcare.


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A growing stigma around the use of ‘artificial intelligence’ as a buzzword for businesses, demonstrated the need to better educate people on Healx’s unique technology and use of its innovative platform, Healnet, to help treat people suffering from rare diseases. COVID-19 has also brought with it a potential trend for investing in biotech companies. People are motivated by the health and medically-innovative solutions being produced, with the crisis making people more interested in businesses developing solutions for health.


To generate the successful results we have seen to date, we implemented a scalable PR campaign focusing on the following key elements; thought leadership content discussing topical issues from a range of media-trained executives; telling the unique Healx story through profiling of the founders; leveraging key executive appointments to demonstrate growth and investment in talent; staying close to the news agenda to ensure Healx is commenting on relevant subjects and adding value to the discussion around AI in healthcare and drug discovery. This built strong foundations for our announcement of Healx raising $56M in Series B funding.


From the moment Healx raised its Series A funding round in 2018, to its Series B just over a year later, our global PR programme has been focused on raising the Cambridge startup’s profile among business leaders and tech investors, in the UK, Europe and further afield in North America. Thanks to a compelling founding story and truly unique tech-for-good offering - Healx is an AI-powered, patient-inspired technology company, dedicated to helping rare disease patients around the world access life-improving therapies - we have raised Healx’s brand awareness, as well as rare diseases, and the role of AI in healthcare.

Our media relations strategy and outreach around Healx’s Series B funding helped to raise positive awareness for the company, and the cause