Data Visualisation

Giving security professionals a fresh view on data

Visualising global threat insight with IBM Security and the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020.


languages for a global audience


most-targeted industries displaying attack breakdowns


design supporting a multitude of devices

As a global leader in cyber security, IBM has deep insight into the global threat landscape, but its data was falling flat with the intended audience.

We helped IBM rethink how it presented its information and then wrote, designed and built the first X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report that visualised the data in a fresh way, making it more accessible and attractive to its security professionals.

Our visualisation tool included an interactive map and downloadable, CTA report that brought the data to life. As the first marketing asset to utilise its new brand guidelines, this was a landmark moment for IBM.

The report delivered intelligence in a clear and compelling way allowing security professionals to easily digest data and understand the threats most relevant to them.

Data visualisation now plays a critical role in IBM’s ongoing mission to surface its meaningful data and is central to the company’s ongoing customer communications strategy.