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How we supercharged an already thriving online newsroom with intelligent insights, cutting-edge analytics and content audits of every digital nut and bolt.


digital tools combined into one insight methodology


competitor sites regularly benchmarked


pages of in-depth traffic reporting per quarter

The Vodafone UK News Centre – which we rebuilt a year previously – has quickly become one of the mobile industry’s busiest and most successful brand news outlets. But, as with any online publication, your content is only as good as the context guiding it. 

We inspire our clients to go beyond what they thought was possible so designed a deep, data-driven insight program to help shape Vodafone UK’s editorial strategy.

With a bespoke methodology that compiles data from our in-house tech tool stack, our quarterly, insight-packed performance reports provided Vodafone UK with clarity around what worked, what didn’t, and where the clear, actionable content opportunities lie.

Alongside these performance reports, we also gave the Vodafone UK News Centre editorial team a unique competitor benchmarking report, which triangulates a dataset from BrandWatch, ahrefs, SimilarWeb and Google Analytics to show the site’s performance against its nearest rivals – painting a crystal-clear picture of site performance across the board.